Oregon Coast Stylized Shoot | Ashley

Growing up, especially when I was in high school, photo shoots with friends was a frequent thing. That was our main way to “hang out” most times. There is only so much a 16-year-old can do in Corvallis, OR, where I grew up.

Fast forward to today, and I don’t have as much free time to go out and explore and shoot for fun. Thankfully I have amazing friends like Ashley who will wake up at 4am on our day off, drive to Oceanside, and pose for an Oregon Coast sunrise stylized photo session. This was my first ever sunrise shoot on the coast—and it was beautiful! Since Ashley is literally a professional model, I was able to learn a lot from her about posing, how to pose, and bounce off different ideas.

Thanks, Ashley, for going on such a fun photo adventure with me! You are stunning!!