Camas Meadows Wedding In The Rain | Sam + Samantha

This wedding at Camas Meadows was one that I will never forget. Not only because Sam & Samantha are some of the most incredible people, but because the Lord blessed us with a well-hydrated wedding ceremony.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I have learned (from experience) that you must plan for rain no matter the time of year. It could not have rained for 3 months all summer and you think you are good to go, then you realize that the weather does whatever it wants.

About 15 minutes before the ceremony started, it started to rain. It was like a heavy mist. Okay, this is manageable. I had brought my umbrellas and rain gear (because I am a responsible and prepared Oregonian), so I got those prepared for the ceremony.

That heavy mist turned into a light rain. Ceremony time! The coolest part was that Sam & Samantha just rolled with it. They knew that their wedding day was not really about all the flowers and pretty things, but about the two of them. About their love for each other. About their choice to commit to being each others lifelong partners. It was beautiful.

So, the light rain turned into a heavy rain. Feet wet, dress wet, hair wet, we kept going. We rocked the bride & groom portraits, rode around on a golf cart, and finished up with a lively wedding reception.

Thank you Sam & Samantha for allowing Alex and I to be a part of your crazy wedding day story. We love you lots!