Lyssa & Jered - 46 Days Until Graduation

I have had the privilege of journeying though college with Lyssa and Jered and now graduation is in sight. Freshman year, Lyssa and I ended up in the same Basic 2D Design class together, but did not really connect until the annual Art Retreat weekend getaway at the Oregon Coast that fall. We found out that we both loved photography and painting. The next three years have been spent slaving away on art projects together, often late at night, and having good conversations. Jered was always "the boyfriend" but I saw him frequently around campus and the mail room where he worked. We soon became friends and will be sad to not to be able to say hi on a bi-weekly basis.  Now, it seems like in a blink of an eye, we are all married, and about to be college graduates. Where did the time go? I am excited for the future, and the next chapter in Jered and Lyssa's lives!