Newberg, Oregon :: Tayler

I met Tayler at George Fox's "Welcome Weekend" four years ago. We skipped out on the Hoedown dance and instead talked about boys. It was a great bonding moment. She lived down the hall from me our Freshman year and didn't have a roommate so I became one of her honorary roommates.

Sophomore year we became real roommates. We stayed up late laughing over ridiculous things and painting our nails. She began teaching me random facts she was learning in nursing school and using me as a test subject. 

Junior year we decided we still liked each other and lived together again. This year was spent doing photo shoots and watching too many The Voice Youtube videos. She had a small obsession with that show. It made me happy.  

Senior year I thought it would be good to get married, so I did. This was the first year we lived apart but that didn't stop us. Tayler found herself at our apartment many weekend nights for dinner and gluten-free maple bar doughnuts courtesy of my husband. 

Two weeks ago I photographed her receiving her nursing pin and watched her walk across the stage at graduation. 

Tay, I am so proud of you and blessed to have met you that first weekend Freshman year. I wish you the best of luck in your nursing career--you will go far and touch many lives!